Ford Ranger Overheating strange problem HELP


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Unhappy Ford Ranger Overheating strange problem HELP

I have a 91 Ford Ranger 3.0 litre with only 60000 miles. It has started overheating with the upper radiator hose collapsing. As soon as I turn off the engine the hose returns to normal.

We have changed the radiator, all hoses, radiator clutch fan, flushed the system and changed water pump. After $500.00 in repairs it still does the same thing. Dealer is stumped, any ideas from the crowd out there?

Dealer says we need a new motor but can't tell us whay he thinks that. We took it to another mechanic who has it now and is stumped.
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The only way that a hose can collapse is from a system that is low of coolant or has a restriction where the water pump can pull a partial vacuum in that section of the system. Add some coolant and be sure to purge the heater coil to remove any air and change the thermostat if it has not been changed.

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