XJS V-8 Conversion


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XJS V-8 Conversion

I have an 89 XJS v12 that I would like to convert to a Chevy engine. Anybody have any experience with doing this?

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check out these guys

Jaguar V8 Conversion Kits
70-87 XJ6 & 76-96 XJS

The only Jaguar V8 conversion kits we carry are those manufactured by Suncoast conversions. Based on my personal experience with Jaguars converted with all of the different kits available, I decided Suncoast offered the best combination of engineering, quality, reliability, and value for the enthusiast looking to convert his or her car.

Suncoast's philosophy is simple: Since GM (and Chevrolet) has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years developing a variety of parts for their cars that were both tremendously reliable and manufactured at a reasonable cost, why not take advantage of that?? And to do that, Suncoast developed a Jaguar V8 conversion kit that utilizes the absolute maximum number of "off-the-shelf" GM parts, and a minimum number of special, conversion-specific pieces. And the kit is supplied in that manner- only the parts that are truly unique are included. All of the rest that is needed for the swap is outlined, by manufacturer and part number, in the conversion manuals. What this means to the end user is that your initial cost for the kit is among the lowest in the industry, and your ability to easily obtain key replacement parts in the future is maximized. Basically the kit includes only the parts the end user either couldn't buy or have easily made at his home location. These kit parts are truly the only engineering intensive components to the conversion, and are indeed the pieces best left to the professionals familiar with the swap. The real payday of this philosophy is that in the end, your final bill for the kit, and the other generic parts required to finish the conversion will actually cost less than the heavily advertised "all inclusive" kits. I have personally converted several cars of my own over the years, and regardless of carburated or fuel injected configuration, I have found this to be true. And in my own opinion, I find the Suncoast converted car to be the more professional, factory appearing installation. Well I guess that's probably not a huge surprise- it should look factory installed as it uses 95% OE GM parts!!!
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It's been a many, many years but I did a few of these back in the early 80's. Fairly straight forward conversion. No real surprises as long as you have access to all the little fittings to mate the Chevy sending units to the Jag gauges. I'm sure now days this is a much more complicated conversion due to the EFI systems being used (probably need a degree in electrical engineering). Use of the GM auto trans was mandatory back then and may still be today. I don't remember any real problems in doing these conversions and that was back when I made most of the adapters. Could even be many times easier today with a company such as Suncoast providing needed pieces. Basically, this was considered one of the easier cars to convert to Chevy powered.

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