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I own an 87 Ford F-150, 4.9L it starts and will run fine for a while. When driving it will begin to buck and loose power and finally stall. At this point it will only crank and not start. There is spark but it seems to not be getting fuel. I can then let it sit for a while and then start it with no problem. I have replaced the fuel filter and the pump. I am now looking to replace th TPS. Any other ideas??
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The 4.9 straight six cyl. or the 4.9 8 cyl., which they call the 5.0, but it's really 4.9?

Hot drive-abilty problems are often ignition problems
You are sure you get spark on hot restart attempts?

Whichever engine it has the multi-port injection so it should have a schrader valve on a fuel rail in plain sight
You should be able to hook a a fuel pressure qauge to test fp in no-start mode

Also you do have the infamous TFI ignition module
These usually just go, but they can act the way yours is

How are the plugs and wires?
Use Ford parts, the EEC-IV can get wiggy with aftermarket wires
The coil can be easily checked with a voltmeter also

Youn do have the EEC-IV computer in there, and it can store trouble codes w/o throwing the Check Engine Light
Have the codes read (or DIY w/a voltmeter) before changing any parts

Do not replace the TPS w/o checking codes
TPS failure resulting in Hot No-Start would be...unusual
The TPS can be tested with a voltmeter
The 8 should be .98v
the 6 too If I remember right
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Thanks for the help. I have a straight 6, 4.9 and I will take a look at the TFI ignition modual. Not sure about the computer so I will have someone who knows more than myself take a look to see if I can get a code reading.

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