Big Block Chevy hard starting

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Big Block Chevy hard starting

I run a 1978 454 twin turbo chevy with a mallory dual point distributor in my boat. I had engine rebuilt 5 years ago. I used it very little for two years and it sat for the last three. It wasa running well when I put it away. It runs well after it starts, starting it is the hard part. New battery, starter and cables and plugs. . When you hit the key it acts lkie it is locked up. If I pull a spark plug it starts right away on about a quarter crank. Sometimes I get blue smoke for a second. I am at a loss for it started fine when I put it away for the season. Any ideas?
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Sounds like rings. If you ran it wide open after sitting 3 years the cylinder walls might be scuffed. Mix some sythetic 2 cycle oil in with some gas and let it idle. It just might seat those rings for you.
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if the battery, cables, and starter are all new, then the cranking system is probably not at fault - double check all you connections just in case. you can check the amount of voltage "lost" to the cable if you have a voltmeter. place one lead on the battery post (not the cable connector), and the other lead on the starter post and crank (or try to) the engine - anything over .500 volts means the cable is not ok - if it is new you may need to go to a larger cable. do this for both the pos and neg cables.

if everything is ok with the starting system, too high timing can cause hard cranking as well. the base timing or the dwell may be causing timing that is too high. personally i would change out the distributor for one with electronic ignition unit. it will never require adjustment, and you can sell that fancy dual-point setup to someone who likes to spend more time working on their motor than playing with it.

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