Honda Accord idle problem


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Honda Accord idle problem

I have a 1987 Accord Lxi, fuel injected 4 cylinder, automatic transmission. This car has 95000 miles on it and has never given me a lick of trouble. The other day when I started it up, it idled up as normal, then as it began to warm up and the idle began to drop to normal it began surging up and down and won't stop. I immediately thought it could be a vacuum leak so I began to check for leaks. While checking all the air hoses, I found that if I pinched the vacuum line going from the manifold to the MAP sensor with a pair of pliers that the idle returned to normal. The ECU is not flashing any codes. I don't know if the MAP sensor itself is bad or if it is controlling something else that is giving me the trouble. The price for a new MAP sensor is over $200 so I want to be fairly confident that is the problem before I buy one. I tried all the local junk yards and they didn't have a used one to try. What do you guys think? Is there any way to test the MAP sensor?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.
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Sounds like your PCV valve is clogged. Change that and you should be back to normal. Had the same problem with the same symptoms. Easy fix. If I remember right it is some where off the carb in the back.
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This one's fuel injected......would it still be in the back somewhere? Was yours inline a hose or mounted in a grommet in the valve cover?


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