Gas Guage Oscillates on 99 Suburban


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Gas Guage Oscillates on 99 Suburban

I just bought this 99 chev Suburban 5.7l, 58,000 mi. The fuel tank was near empty when I picked it up, and I noted no problem reading the gauge. After a $98+ stop at the gas station, I noted that the needle on the fuel gauge is rapidily moving back and forth about covering about 5-8 degrees (it's moving so fast you can't even distinctly see the needle - just a 3/16" blur in the area where the needle is oscillating). If you sit in the vehicle with the key on but engine off, you can actually hear a humming or buzzing sound coming from the gauge.

Any ideas as to what the problem is? How does one go about diagnosing a problem of this nature? Can the fuel gauge be replaced if necessary without replacing the entire gauge cluster?
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This is no help to you, but the same thing happened on my '98 Astro Van. The gauge worked fine until we had the transmission replaced, then we noticed the oscillation just as you described. Anyone?

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The buzzing sound is new to me. As far as the gage fluctuating, more than likely it is the fuel level sensor, which is mounted on the fuel sender, in the tank. I have replaced a ton of these on all types of GM vehicles with anywhere from 15,000 miles on up.

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