94 Taurus Neutrual Safety Switch problem


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94 Taurus stuck in park

The car previously would not shift out of park when started. By turning the key one position the car could be started in neutral and would shift into gear. Now it won't start at all. I dropped the column and found a switch on the upper left of the part of the column that controls this function. I assume this is part of or is the neutral safety system. While trying to understand how the system works I had it apart and together again and it worked temporarily. When I turn the key the switch does not release the stop on the shifter thus preventing it from going into gear. The switch has 3 wires and I am unable to find it in the wiring diagram so have no way to tell how to check for voltage. I have a Haynes manual by the way.
I hope that someone can make sense of my description of the problem. Please feel free to ask for clarification. Any suggestion or assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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brake switch

you should have your foot on the brake to shift out of park. Look for a bad switch or wires accociated with this function.

The nutral safety switch is on the transmission in the area of the air cleaner and MAF sensor. It keeps women from starting the car while in drive. I have this car and don't think the neutral safety switch is/was your original problem, because it would start but not shift our of park.

Make sure the cable & linkage move the lever on the tranny through all the positions and have not been adjusted by your column work or bad motor/ tranny mounts.

good luck!
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94 Taurus

You have 2 problems, first of all change the brake light switch on the brake pedal assy. Then check the switch wire(the small one) on the starter. Make sure it is clean and tight. Two very common problems.

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