How much dragging of wheel on free spin normal?


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How much brake drag normal?

97 Lumina 3.1L 110K

PepBoys' service personnel said I most likely had bad calipers on the rear brakes. (it is a long story unless someone wants to know the full story) Their primary suspicion was the hydraulic piston not receding properly. So I bought new calipers, new rotors, and new pads, and installed them myself. Before this, rear wheels had much, continuous drag. It wouldn't spin one full turn. Much better with the new brake.

I got curious how front wheel would spin. Neither would spin one full turn.

I know it is not very scientific to test brake by drag. But I just wonder if there is a rule of thumb on wheel spin and drag. Thanks.

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It takes a bit of experience to develop the feel for what's too much drag and what's okay. The pads also have to bed themselves to the rotor before drag is at a minimum.

One thing I like to do to see if my brakes are dragging is to get the car rolling on level pavement - like 1 to 2 mph - then put the car in neutral and see if the car comes to a somewhat abrupt stop. A car with healthy brakes will keep rolling for quite a while and come to a stop ever so slowly.
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Thanks I will try that.

By the way, now I realize how silly my question is. The front wheels are connected to the gear box. I don't think front wheels can spin as freely as rear wheels.

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