92 Camry Engine

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92 Camry Engine

I am new to this group so I hope I am starting off the right way. Anyway I have a 92 camry and the engine went out. I have looked on ebay for some new engines and was just wondering how big of a deal would it be to install one of these things. I was just wondering if anyone out here has done this or does this for a living, that could tell me what all I need to be ready for. Well thanks.
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Before we get into the mechanics of the project, are you really sure you want to spend the time & money required? Reason I ask is that I recently parted with our old Camry for a newer one. The dearly departed was a '95 w/175k miles on it, but it ran like it just came off the showroom floor. I got about $2500 for it. I suspect that by the time you buy an engine and pay for the shipping, plus do the install (or pay someone to do it) you will be very close to the value of the car which is maybe $1500-2000. I took a quick browse and it looks like the price range is $500-800 roughly, plus a couple of hundred for the shipping. Keep in mind these are USED engines. Even though they may have a warranty, that will be small comfort if you go through all the hassle to change your engine and it craps out 6 months later. Also, your car is going on 14 years old and although I have had outstanding service from all the Toys I've ever owned, after a point things will start to wear out; EXPENSIVE things, unfortunately. Before I went the route you're considering, I would shop around in your local area to see what you can have done. You should still be able to get a limited warranty and you'll be dealing with local businesses.

Having said all that, try going here for info on R&R:


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