Carb Cleaner

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Carb Cleaner

What is the proper way to use Carb & Choke Cleaner? Can I oversaturate the throttle body to the point of being dangerous?
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There's no need to saturate the throttle body. That's a waste of solvent.

The proper use of throttle body cleaner is by spraying the inside of the throttle body where the butterfly valve is located. Open the butterfly valve and scrub the bore wall with a toothbrush until all deposits are gone. You don't even need carb & choke cleaner to do this job. Any solvent will do -- WD-40, kerosene, etc.

You'll have to remove some of the intake stuff until you can get at the throttle body.

If you're ambitious and want to do a good job, you can remove the throttle body, clean it on the bench, and clean the idle control motor at the same time.
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Thanks...sounds great. Much appreciated.
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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

You Are Wasting Your Time Just As I Am By Writing This.

Be Aware The Some Manufacturers (car Manufacturers) Say To Never Clean These. Look For A Sticker On The Tb. Supposedly, These Surfaces Are Covered With A Material Sensitive To These Solvents.

The Solvent Manufacturers Will Say To Use Them Daily. Some Of These May Even Package Tb Cleaner Separately From Carb Cleaner And Charge You A Dollar More For A Smaller Can.

What Do You Hope To Accomplish? Do You Believe Your Butterfly Is Not Closing All The Way? The Oil Film Cannot Match The Spring Tension. Does The ¼” Layer Of Oil Reduce Air Flow Leaving Your Car Gasping For Breath? Sure, It Does But Only At Wide Open Throttle. What Is You Idle Air System Doing?

Anyone Claiming They Got Their Money’s Worth From Doing This Is Too Ashamed To Admit They Wasted $3 And 30 Minutes.

You Have Another Problem Or Are Just Looking For Things To Do.
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Originally Posted by Yotaguy
What is the proper way to use Carb & Choke Cleaner?
The proper way to use Carb & Choke Cleaner to clean a carb is to spray it on the outside when the carb is off and cold
When it's running you can Spray it down and around the carburetor throat or throttle body to remove deposits from the throttle plate
The choke should also be worked by hand and the choke valve shafts sprayed

The proper way to use Carb & Choke Cleaner on a fuel injected engine is to spray it inside the throttle body
Some scrubbing may also be needed
This is done with the engine off
It shouldn't be oversaturated, there is no need

You may also want to check the IAC at the same time, as both can get gunked up and cause idle problems

Some newer engines use a ceramic coating on the TB which prevents build-up
This should be obvious by A) the lack of build-up, and B) a big sticker that says as much

Do not use it on electrical connectors

Make sure it's oxy sensor safe, most are, but it doesn't hurt to check
Just in case

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