1992 Honda Accord Power Window Problems

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1992 Honda Accord Power Window Problems

I have a 1992 Honda Accord. A couple weeks ago I began having a problem with my power windows. It is a two door and the windows would go down with no problem but I would have trouble putting them back up.

My drivers side window is currently all the way down and it will not go back up. The passenger side I can start to put down from the driver's side control but cannot put it back up unless I use the passenger side control.

Would this be the switch or electrical connections from the switch?

Can you simply clean these connections with something?

How difficult is it to replace the switches or the connections?

Any other thoughts or ideas?

Any and all help is appreciated.

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Anybody have any thoughts or ideas?

Am I on the right track?

My thoughts are since the problem relates to both the drivers side and passenger side window when controlling from the drivers side that it can't be the window motor (regulator?).

Any and all input is appreciated.

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Smile Honda windows

I had to replace the window motor in a 97 Honda accord, but one of the things that I learned during the process and also used on the other windows is that if you use Liquid Silicon along the window tracks it will free up the window. Over time the rubber and plastic become sticky from dirt, grime, etc. and this puts a strain on the window motor (regulator). Roll the window down, locate the track it runs on a spray liberally all around the track. Roll it up and down a few times and you should see a big difference. That is if the window motor and regulator aren't going bad. But I would definitely try this first. It comes in a spray can like WD-40 but cost a few bucks more. I use it on all my automobiles occasonially to keep the tracks lubricated. The other issue with the one switch working and the other not may be just that. Good Luck
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1997 Accord - Same problem

I have the same problem with my '97 Accord. I have been told that it probably needs a new regulator. I found one for $50 online, but when I tried to get the door panel off, I could not. I was able to get the bottom of the panel loose, but there seems to be something preventing the top from coming off.

Has anyone taken the panel off the driver's side door? Any tips you can give me for this, and/or for replacing the regulator would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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