Restoring 1989 Mustang Fastback

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Restoring 1989 Mustang Fastback

I'm currently restoring a 1969 Mustang 350,V-8 Fastback,2 door, Ive been working on the engine pulling out and labeling all parts and locations. My questions is .On these old greasy parts what can I use to remove rust and grease so that I can paint them and what paint should I use once their clean.
And what can I use to put the parts in since I dont have a tank or whatever the thing is called to soak them in. I know it needs to be durable since the cleaning solution will be dissolivng the grease,rust etc.
Thank you for your time

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Power washer?

One possible solution since you do not have a degeasing tank is a power washer to blast the parts clean. You can rent one and possible power wash the entire engine top and bottom at once. This would also help to keep you clean as you disassemble it. They make engine paints , you can find them at you local parts suppy stores. I am not sure of a better paint product, possible someone else will have a better idea. Sounds like a great project car. Hope this info helps.
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Hi D57,
Seems like a great project
I'm assuming it's a '69 (your title says '89) as you mention it's a 350
The correct term would be 351
It's not a big deal, but as the 350 is a Chevy engine, you may get some wrong parts and information if you refer to it as a 350

Cleaning those parts you will probably end up with a variety of suggestions and cleaners
Some cleaners work great for grease but are no good for rubber parts (ie. brake cleaner)
Simple Green and the purple Castrol stuff work wonders
A number of brushes may help, as a simple plastic tank, even a bowl or tray
Just be sure not to mix w/o rinsing
If you use Castrol, which is a bit whiffy anyway, and decide you need more power and squirt some brake cleaner on the piece w/o rinsing off the Castrol...whoo boy
And you thought the brake cleaner was nasty by itself....

Rust removal may take more aggresive measures, as it must be removed
Media blasting and/or wire brushing will probably be required
Sometimes merely buffing will help

If you have an old rock tumbler, those work great for small parts
Just add some media (sand, walnut shells)

For painting prep I'd use Pre from Eastwood Co
In fact I'd highly recommend their cleaners, paints, and other specialty coatings
They even have a rust encapsulator (paint) which you may need for some parts of your project
As it encapsulates the rust and actually converts it, total rust removal is not needed

A digicam would be a wise investment
Take lots of pictures
It'll help later
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1969 351 Fastback

Thanks for the info,coffee hadnt started working on the brain cells got my truck and Mustang mixed up. I'll get some pictures great idea ,plus thanks for the cleaning products and paint and rust information. Its my second Mustang project. Ive restored my late fathers 1967 Mustang it still needs alittle work, now its project time on my Mothers 1969, 351 V-8. I'm disabled and retired so this gives me something to do and feel worthwhile there great cars and I lov'em and of course my parents also.
thanks again
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You might want to consider investing in a parts washer setup, you can get em for about 100 or less at the tool discounters. As it sounds like you do a bit of this it may come in handy.
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Since I don't have a parts washer I often use an old bucket with kerosene [or whatever] in it to soak and clean parts. Of course you are limited by the size of the bucket and a real parts washer would be nice but .......
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How about a washtub. You know, those metal tubs. you can get them in a couple different sizes. Hardware store should have them. I have seen them at Lowes.

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