Fie 1989 E-150


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Fie 1989 E-150

Need help 1989 E-150 won't start. You can shoot gas into the port and it will run, but when the gas quits so does the motor. Will not start again. Aynbody have any ideas? [email protected]
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Pull the tank and put a fuel pump in it.
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Which engine?
I'm pretty sure you're EFI
You should have a fuel rail with a schrader valve that you can easily pop a fuel pressure gauge onto
But that may not be needed
If you shot gas into the throttle body and it ran, I 'd try something else
Open the gas cap, have someone turn the key to on, but not start, you should hear the buzz of the fuel pump for a second or two
If not, it's the relay or the pump, I don't recall if the trucks had an inertia switch (an accident or bad bump would shut down the pump), but that would shut off the pump too

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