fuel pump stops?


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fuel pump stops?

2003 ford ranger 195,00 miles the fuel pump stops working every once in a while, its not the reset button ? this only happens once in a while then the next day it works?
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Not a mechanic but it sounds more like a filter problem. Junk blocks the line and when it sits for a while, the junk settles and allows fuel to flow again for a time. Good luck and watch this post for the expert opinions.
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I Pulled The Fuel Line From The Gas Pump And No Fuel Came Out , I Replaced The Relay And It Still Works Part Time .
When A Fuel Pump Stops Working Does It Stop For Good,or Does It Stop Every Once In Awhile And Work Once In A While? Seems To Me When It Goes Bad It Should Stay Bad Oh Well , Maybe Ill Just Sell The Truck As Is!!!
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an intermittent fuel pump is a very common failure. the easiest way to get to yours is to remove the bed - don't forget to unplug the tail lights first!
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i just read a post about a 1993 honda having the same problem as my ranger ,they advise to check the main relay. would this apply to a ford 2003 ranger ?
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The correct way is to check for voltage to the pump. If it's there it's not a relay issue. Not unusual for a fuel pump to be intermittent.

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