myt car has been stting for a while, what shouldd i do?

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myt car has been stting for a while, what shouldd i do?

well, i have a 1992 pontiac sunbird and its been sitting in my grandfathers drivewway for like 3 years, ocansionally i maintain, i havent done anything in a while, so i went and tryed to turn it on, and when i turn the key, it doesnt do anything, and i try rev the gas and turning, the battery is probably lower than normal, i hope its not the alternator or something, WELL, my question, is what do i need to do to have my car start and run, and what do i need to get it on the road

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check all the fluids, coolant, transmission, oil..... that sorta thing, then replace the battery, its most likely dead. i'd also go ahead and change all the fluids as well, especially the engine oil.... and don't forget the oil filter! transmission after the coolant, i'd have a shop do a good flush to it since you may not know how. later on down the road change the diff oil out as well. and before all of this, is it fuel injected? drain the fuel rail, dump the gas out of the gas tank, its rancid by now. that and change the fuel filter, but if you are not up to it, i'd highly recommend a shop do this. they have a lift to get under it, and have all the tools and know how to do so.
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Before you turn it over, pull the plugs and squirt some WD-40 or sim. down the holes
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Once you bring it back to life, it's a good bet that the brakes will need a complete overhaul... new rotors and calipers.

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