Finding Bad Injector


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Finding Bad Injector

Besides my other post about my other car, I also have a '91 Infiniti. It's a V-8, but only running on 7 cylinders. I've been told it's a bad injector (I have a new one, still in the box). Seems to me I can't hurt anything by changing it, but I don't know how to tell WHICH injector to change. Any ideas on identifying a possibly bad injector? Thanks for any thoughts
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How do you know the engine is running only on 7 cylinders? Why do you feel it is an injector rather than a spark plug or ignition cable? Pull the individual plugs and examine them to see if one is obviously different from the others. If so, that then is the problem cylinder. I would first replace the plug before fooling with the injector.
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Or you can disconnect one spark plug wire, start the engine and see if it makes a difference. If the engine runs worse, hook the wire back up and disconnect a different wire. When the you disconnect one of the wires and the engine is still running on 7 cylinders instead of 6, you have found the problem cylinder. It might also be a bad spark plug wire or, if your car has this, a distributor cap.

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