thermostat replacement


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thermostat replacement

I have a 97 plymouth voyager. 6 cyl. AC, not sure what size engine either a 3.0 or 3.2 ltr. . I need to change the thermostat because the heater will not work properly. Is this difficult to do on this model and what are the steps to doing it. Thanks
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Just glanced at the wife's 3.3 '99 model. Looks fairlly simple. Two bolts on housing and no bleeder used on this engine.
Drain the coolant - engine cold - to at least below the level of the upper hose.
Remove the two bolts, and lift up the housing. Note how the thermostat is situated, then remove it and drop in the replacement. If a gasket was used, carefully remove it and clean up the metal surfaces on the engine and housing. Be careful not to scratch them or the new gasket won't seal properly.
Bolt the housing back on securely, refill the radiator with new 50/50 mix, fire it up and check for leaks.

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