loose steering wheel


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loose steering wheel

I have an 88' Plymouth Sundance, a couple days ago I noticed my steering wheel feeling kinda loose, and also im noticing some vibration when I drive around 30 to 45 noticably from the gas peddle, it does scare me somewhat, I'm afraid something will fall off and the car will suddenly stop in the middle of the intersection. Does anyone have sugestions as to what it may be? And how to fix it? And most importantly is it dangerous? Thanks
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Vibration could be from any number of things. Let me list a few.

- worn suspension components (ball joints, tie rods, struts)
- worn engine mounts
- wheels out of balance

Since you mention that at the same time the wheel feels kinda loose, I'd guess it could be a worn suspension component. If it's so loose to fell it as you described, I'd say this could be serious and dangerous to you and your car, and you should have a mechanic put it on a hoist and give it a good inspection. The inspection shouldn't take long nor cost a lot. In fact, sometimes shops can run a special where inspection is free, hoping to find something that needs repair. Typically they'll waive the hoist charge if you proceed with their repair.
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Unhappy Loose steering wheel

To update, I had the motor mounts replaced, they were very worn and had a back tire replaced, but I still have the problem. So next step I suppose is to get the tires balanced and have a front tire replaced. but I have a funny feeling it may be a tierod.. yikes hmm I will eventially get the rest of the tires replaced. I love that little ole car, I'm not giving up on it!

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