95 sonoma need help plz


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Question 95 sonoma need help plz

I have a 95 sonoma with the 4 cylinder engine and its a 5 speed. On my way to work this morning my truck had no power almost as if it was over heating. The temp. gauge was at normal running tempature. I pulled over checked my fluids, and I was fine on coolant, but a little low on oil. When I poped the hood i could smell a slight burning oil smell, well needless to say I added oil. For about 1 minute it seemed to fix the problem, then the loss of power again my oil pressure gauge was moving up and down from low to normal. when the pressure was up I had power and a few seconds later it would go down and I'd lack power dramaticly. It almost felt like i was overheating or had a fouled spark plug. I checked the plugs and wires they are good. (the coil packs, spark plugs and wires I replaced about 4 months ago.) any ideas on what this might be or advice on what to check?
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Cool maybe

u said u changed wires and stuff maybe u got it cross wired just a thought
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Clogged catalytic converter possibly.

Clogged pickup screen for the oil pump also possible since there appears to be an oil pressure problem.
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Is the oil psi gauge an electric gauge? I would suspect there is somthing electrical going on if thats the case. when the gauge flickers due to an electrical issue the same electrical issue is affecting the power to the ign ition.

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