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Red face A/C Recharge

OK, I have a completely car illiterate girl question. I have a 92 Volvo 240 which I learned had a leak in the A/C when I last got it serviced. We opted to just recharge since the car isn't worth enough to want to replace the A/C. The charge has lasted great until the last couple of weeks, and it is now beginning to get less and less cool...not yet a problem in the front seat but I think worse in the back. Here's my delimma: I'm supposed to take some girlfriends to the beach next weekend, and I'm trying to decide if it's worth the money to recharge the A/C this close to the end of the summer just to make life more enjoyable for them for this one trip. So my question is this...Can I get a partial charge that will not last long but also not cost as much or is it an all or nothing deal? Also, I assume that the leak is going to continue whether or not the A/C is on, but would it be a slower leak during the fall/winter months when the A/C isn't running, or will it leak at the same rate regardless?
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I doubt it would leak less in the off season. Plus, leaks don't get better, they just get worse. Whether you want to top off for your weekend jaunt is a personal decision. Whatever you paid last time for service is what you'll have to pay again.

Your dilemma comes close to the typical end-of-life scenario for car ownership. Often, a person gets quoted $1000-1500 to properly fix a tired, non-functioning a/c system. And this is the straw that breaks the camel's back for the old car. Since a/c has become very important to people over the years, they usually opt to buy a new car instead of paying that kind of money to fix a car that is probably not worth much more than that, even though the car otherwise runs fine and probably still has a lot of useful life left in it. There are no easy choices for you.

Guys like us look for such deals. DIY a/c repair is one of the more financially rewarding jobs a backyard mechanic can tackle.
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Angry r-12?

if that's a '92 it probably uses r-12 refrigerant. if it has not been converted no one will LEGALLY recharge it without a total repair. leaking r-12 into the air is VERY irresponsible.

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