87 celica overheating


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Brian Hunt
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87 celica overheating

overheats usually when driving in stop and go traffic. Also seems to overheat right after getting off major highway. I have changed thermostat and radiator and radiator fan. This motor has water pump driven by timing belt.

I keep a careful eye on the tempurature gauge, when it starts going up, I turn heater on and that drops tempurature back down to normal range.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Do the fans go on?

Did you test/replace the pressure cap, may not be holding the correct pressure.

Very often overlooked item. First part to be removed when checking a cooling system and put on the bench. Then cooling system is inspected and the part causing the problem is ignored.
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Brian Hunt
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I only notice one fan on the radiator - which I replaced and appears to be working fine. Is there another? I'll definiely try the cap, if that does not take care of it, do you have any other thoughts on what it might be? Thanks Brian
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Does it ever overheat when consistently driving say 30 mph or above?
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Brian Hunt
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It does not overheat when consistently driving at 30+ mph.

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