Steering wheel vibrates


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Steering wheel vibrates

Last month I purchased a 2004 pre-owned Celica that has a steering wheel shake at 70 MPH. The steering wheel shakes, but will also subside briefly (maybe 10-30 sec) and then returns...I tried to correlate the pattern to the road condition itself but do not think that is the case.

I had the vibration problem written into the purchase agreement "Due Bill" to be fixed. The dealer said it needed a high speed balance and arranged to have it sent back to the shop that they used to install the new tires. I got the car back with no real change.

Also, since buying the car I researched that the car has Katana C10 rims and low profile tires (215 35R18). I wonder now if the rims/tires are appropriate for the car...aside from the rims being the problem themselves, is this rim/tire combination ordinarily ok for this car?

I read this forum about testing shock seems very tight there...just rises back up. Also I am willing to take car some place else for a balance. Of course, there's always taking it back to the dealer again...

Please advise any other considerations.


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I surmise those are aftermarket rims, My experience is they will never provide the same ride as the OEM wheels. Some times you will have to make concessions for the look of the wheel in ride.

You best chance would be to have them balanced on a Hunter Road-force variation balancer.

Also a 35 series tires does not provide much sidewall to absorb anything.

The only other thing that comes to mine has any one put a tire sealant in the tires or a protection package of such?
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did some homework

Your Celica came with the following tires from the factory.
the GT coupe has 195/60-15
the GT-S has two sizes they are 205/55-15 or you can use 205/50-16.
I would go back to stock for your car I know the low profile tires look cool but cost alot more to replace and as toyotaman said offer very little sidewall protection.Maybe one is bent already it does not take much of a pot hole to do that.
Jack up each wheel and put a sharpie or crayon on a stand very close to the rim and hand turn wheel and see if it hits anywere.(runout check) do both inside and outside of rim.
Just for your info the price diffreance is pretty big for a middle of the road tire.
215/35 R-18 = 142 dollars each
195/60 R-15 =78 dollars each

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Wheel Vibe

It sounds like the front tires. Most of the time, you will feel front tire vibration in the sterring wheel and rear tire vibe in your seat.

It might be worth rotating the tires to see if if impacts the vibration. Example - the vibe moves to your seat.

But, like the others said, you will most likely find it related the the non-standard wheel setup.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the replies. Dealer sent it off one more time for a balance and now it is just right. Lovely.

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