Runnning Hot


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Exclamation Runnning Hot

I have a '97 Chevrolet lumina with a 3100 SFi V6. A few days ago the top water hose burst on me the car ran hot but I was able to get it home. I hve replaced the hose and refilled with coolant but it still runs hot. I suspect the thermostat is stuck but not sure. I was going to replace it anyway since the part is not that expensive however I tool a look at the placement of it and it seems almost impossible to get to the bottom bolt of the housing without some sort of special angled tool. Is there such a tool that I need and how can I be sure it actually is the thermostat and maybe not the sensor? Any advice will be helpful.

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Before we get into the troubleshooting, a little more info:

How far did you drive it "hot" after the hose let go?

Reason I'm asking is that there is a chance that you now have a head gasket problem. Modern engines with their aluminum heads do not tolerate overheating. As soon as the hose blew (I know, 20/20 hindsight) you should have pulled over and called a tow truck.
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Bleed air

is the radiator cap lower than the heads? if so, there is a bleeder screw that needs to be opened to let air out. the idea is the same as on your brakes
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The car was driven maybe 1 to 2 miles before I got it home give or take a mile but the distance was not that far. After I replaced the hose I drove about half a mile before it heated up and I returned home. I've never dealt with a blown head gasket hope thats not the case otherwise I'm looking at the repair shop.
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sounds like u need to burp or bleed the coolant system

to do so take ur rad cap off star the car have it idleing and keep the rad full of water and then slowing rev uop the engine, and try this for a while.
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cooling system

Thanks to this site I have learned about bleeding the cooling system. I have been doing my own repair for years and never before heard of it. I bought a 1991 dodge ram 50 p/u(mitsu mighty max in disguise) and changed the basic fluids and afterward the engine ran hot. I changed the cap and thermostat but no help. It did not run hot before I messed with it so I was puzzled. I just burped the system hoping for a change.
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Hey thanks for advice bleeding the system never even crossed my mind. I'll give that a try.
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special tool for tight spot

My friend showed me this extension the end of it is six sided and sort of barrel shaped; his sockets are made to accept a six sided drive, so when that barrel is in the drive it will bend out about 25 degrees. He said he got em from Snap-On. when I called no one knew what i was talking about....?

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