hairline scratches/scuffs


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hairline scratches/scuffs

I made a mistake while washing my car, and used the rough scouring side of a sponge to get some bugs off the front. The angle I was at hid the fact that I was making scratches. So now I have these ugly dull scuff looking things and I feel really stupid about it. The scratches are not deep, since I wasn't pressing very hard at all, it was just enough to dull the finish a little. I believe there are products made for filling in little scratches like this, but I don't know any. Could anyone suggest anything? I'm just hoping it's not something I'd actually have to have refinished.
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Do you have a clear coat (or what year/make/model if you don't know) and what color is the car?
Did you scratch into the paint, or merely into the clearcoat?
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you most likly just scratched the clear coat a little.

the product u want is called CUT POLLISH


if that doesnt work try RUBBING COMPUND but be careful not to rub threw the clear coat

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