Bleeding Brakes


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Bleeding Brakes

I'm new at auto repair(it's surprising what ya can do when your woman THINKS you can).I've just replaced the rear brake cylinder on 1990 olds cutlas seira s. How do l bleed the brakes? TY
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need two people

You will need two people and a can of correct brake fluid.Get under the car and loosten the bleeder screw and have person push brake air and fluid willcome out.Have person hold down brake while you tighten screw.Then you can let the brake up.(dont let brake up with screw open)repeat untill no air comes out.WARNING do not let master cyl run out of fluid keep it full.If you have a small plastic hose like the kind in fish tanks it will be a little less messy just put the end in a glass jar.
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The person in the car may need to pump the brakes several times to get a firm pedal - then hold while you loosen {and tighten] the bleeder.
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It is also recommened to start from the brake line furthest from the master cylinder. But if you only removed the one line, you should be fine just doing that one.

They aslo sell brake bleeders that let you do it by yourself. It is still easier to do with two people.

Good luck!
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Brake Bleeding

Excellent advice already....just wanted to add, make sure you don't get the fluid sprayed into your eyes.....there is a lot of pressure on the line and it can shoot a stream out.

You will most likely need a bleeding wrench for the lines; depends on the location of the fitting, but some have difficult angles.

Good Luck and make sure you don't let the brake pedal up while the fitting is open....or you will suck air back into the line.


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