EGR intermittent code


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Question EGR intermittent code

I was wondering, our 1990 3.1 corsica is running rough. the check engine light occassionally comes on, but not all the time.

The 2 digit code is 32; EGR valve. I was wondering is it possible to remove it and clean it? i don't think it's shot, cause the light isn't always on, but i don't know.

Also, it's a 200.00 part. Can I get one from like a "Pick-N-Pull" type of place if it is shot?

Thanks so much!!
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Codes don't tell you what part is bad, it just tells you where to look for the problem. It could be any number of things. You could have a leak in the vacuum line, they get brittle with heat and age. Try cleaning the egr valve.... check to make sure the diaphragm works, holds vacuum, and that the valve moves accordingly. Sometimes egr passages get plugged up, so check that as much as you can.

If you're getting a bad idle, it could be that the egr valve seat has deposits or pits and won't let the valve close properly. One check is to remove the egr valve, and see if you can blow air past the valve. If air flows, then you have to either clean the valve or replace it.

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