Brake Rotor


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Brake Rotor

l've removed the brake rotor from my wife's car (Olds Cutlass Ciera S) an now I can't get the new one on. I've checked with several different places an I have the right one one .........But I still can't get the caliper over the new one ..what am I doing wrong?
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You need to release the pressure on the caliper. The pads are stuck out because it was self adjusted for the worn rotor and I assume you also replaced the pads.
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Just checking--did you reset the caliper piston for new pads? If not, compress the caliper piston and see if it will now fit. If that has already been done you should measure the rotor thickness and make certain that the correct part number rotor is within specs. If you changed pads with the rotor I would make certain you have the correct pads and that they too are within specs. If everything is correct and the dimensions are under the maximum allowed you may need to check the actual spindle for rust or some other obstruction that prevents proper seating of the rotor. I am probably telling you things you have already checked, but if all of the parts are correct for your application and within specifications then there is no reason for them not to fit together.
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Brake Rotor

Make sure the brake pedal wasn't pressed while the caliper was off. If so, it may have pushed the piston out of the caliper. Hope that's not an insult, but it happens.

If not, you need to push the piston back into the caliper. There are several ways to do this.....if you have the tool then great, if not, you might be able to take the old brake pad and a large pair of pliers and compress the piston into the caliper. A C-clamp will also work, but make sure you keep the piston straight.

It might help to loosen the brake line (don't forget to tighten the line) and note it will push brake fluid out of the line (in your face or on other items).

If you do this, you will have to bleed the brakes....again, make sure you test them out before moving the car. Pump up the brakes before you move the car.....goodluck.


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