Dead Battery


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Dead Battery

I`ve Got A 96 Pont. Grand Prix. 3.1 Replaced Batt. Lasted For A Month Then Dead. Charge It It Lasts A Day Or Two.took It To Auto Zone There Tester Says Alt. And Battery Are Do I Go About Finding A Short That `s Draining My Batt.
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The first thing I would do is get a test light and check for a draw on the battery.

This is what you do:

1) Disconnect the battery cable (either one will do)
2) Connect one end of the light to the post and the other to the disconnected cable. In other words, link the post to the cable by using the test light.
3) If the light burns on the test light, you might have a draw on the battery. If it burns, touch the cable to the post briefly to reset the clock and retest.
4) If there is a draw, remove each fuse until the light goes out. When it does, you at least know which circuit it might be on.

Highly suspect draws are related to dome/ interior lights.

Goodluck and make sure there are no explosives around when you touch the cable to the post, it may spark a little.

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check the alternator first, take the red battery supply off the back of the alternator. Use the test light as explained above. connecty the test light from the alternator post to the disconnected cable if the light comes on then the alternator is shorting out, (make sure the key is off when you do this)
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Dead Battery

Great advice above....wanted to add, when checking the draw, make sure the doors or trunk are not open, which would cause the associated lights to burn, this will cause a normal load.....also, disconnect the "under the hood" light before testing for the draw.

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