a/c condensor drain?


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a/c condensor drain?

97 Jimmy 4.3, 4x4, auto, 99,000

Whenever I turn or accelerate i hear water or something moving in the dash.
I thought it might be ac drain, but when I turn a/c on I do get water draining down passenger side frame. Any thoughts?
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Likely you have an air bubble in the cooling system. Have you had the system open for any reason, i.e. changed a hose or a water pump, anything like that? You can try to "burp" it out by parking on a steep uphill incline and removing the radiator cap. This will get the heater core and plumbing as low as possible and the radiator filler as high as possible. Run engine until the thermostat opens (which will be preceded by some coolant overflowing the filler, watch out for the spray when it hits the fan). Once the thermostat opens hopefully the air will be expelled and you can add coolant to the now low radiator level. Some vehicles also have a built in "bleeder" somewhere on the engine, but not sure if your Jeep is one of them.

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