Car Won't Start


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Car Won't Start

I drive a 1993 Honda Civic. Lately, it goes through spells where it doesn't want to start. If you spray starter fluid into a particular part, the breather maybe? (as discovered by a mechanic) it starts. Some say it's the fuel pump going bad and others say it's the fuel relay. Any advice? I'm told that using the starter fluid hurts my vehicle. On another issue, a mechanic told me that my car has a power steering fluid leak. It wasn't leaking anything before I took it to them to change the fuel filter. They tell me that if I don't fix it and it gets low that it will burn up my motor. Is this true? I have been watching the levels of the power steering fluid closely and haven't seen any changes. Plus they tell me it will be over $600 to fix it. Are they trying to take advantage of me?

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Same Here

I'm having the same problem with my car, it's a 2002 olds alero and sometimes I hear the fuel pump and sometimes I don't. The car runs fine if i do hear the pump when i turn the ignition. I replaced the pump a couple weeks ago and it's still doing the same thing. Is there anyone know if there's a relay on these things or if it might be something else?
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Mine has a relay. I had our mechanic at work tell me where it was. On a 1993 Honda Civic, it is located under the dashboard on the driver's side. He couldn't tell me whether my problem was the relay or the pump. I'm hoping relay, but I'm going to have it checked out by another shop next week.
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same thing happened to me

i drive a 92 civic dx... the "won't start" problem started to happen to me 2 yrs ago... here is my 2 cents on this issue:

usually when you turn your keys to "on" position (the position b4 u crank), you would hear 2 clicks followed by a hissing noise... that 2 clicks are the main relay powering up the ecu and the fuel pump and the hissing is the fuel pump being powered up and started pumping some fuel to the front... if u don't hear the clicks and the hissing... which mostly like mean you have a faulty main relay... when the main relay starts to go bad, you would have trouble starting in the hot day, or when you try to start the car again after you've just driven it for a while... this is caused by dried up and cracked solder point on the relay... when it gets hot, the dried solder point expands and disconnects the circuit...

i've experienced starting problem with my civic a few times with different reasons... both under the condition that when the engine is warm... and after researching on the problems i realized there are 2 common causes to it:

1. if your problem is not getting fuel but has sparks and your engine cranks and turnover, most likely it would have to do with the main relay (which is a very common problem with honda's and acura of the 90's)...

2. if you get fuel and sparks and your engine turnover, but yet your engine seems to be flooded by fuel easily and wouldn't start when the engine's warm... it may have to do with the engine coolant temperature sensor (tw-sensor or others called it ect-sensor)... this sensor tells the ecu how hot/cold the engine is for the ecu to regulate how much fuel to give to the engine... when this sensor fails, it reads cold all the time and causes the ecu to dump load of fuel to the warm engine when it only needs little fuel to start... which would flood the engine if you just keep crank and crank...

judging from what you described, i would say it is the main relay failing...

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good advice up there all so check your gas filter
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i have the same problem with a 2003 ranger, does a ranger have a main relay and could this be my problem?

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