88 escort gt overheats


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88 escort gt overheats

1988 Escort GT 1.9L EFI with 77,000 orig miles. Engine overheats and shuts down. Have replaced the thermostat and flushed the radiator. Coolant level is fine. I hear a slight "whirring" noise when the car is started. Could it be the water pump has failed? It is the factory original. No leakage when the overheating occurs, no smoke.
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Arrow possibilities

It's most likely your water pump. Any other fluid leakage or anything? May be able to figure something out if something is leaking. Apart from that you'd PROBABLY be looking at some catastrophic mechanical failure that you'd most likely want a shop to diagnose. I say probably because you never know what stupid little thing no one will ever think of that it might be.
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does it cool down when you stopor slow down, my 96 escort over heated all the time and after replacing thermostat and radiator the diy group sugested replacing the lower radiator hose bada bing that was it ,they dont have a spring in them anymore and colapse when pressure such as fast starts freeway driving its only ten bucks give it a try!
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88 escurt hot

Failing all the above, check your exhaust if it seems weak your catalytic converter is probably stopped up. In Mexico you'd pull the CC and knock all those damn pellets loose and then ou. Once you've made yourself an DYI glass pack reinstall. Of course you'd be in violation of some freakin law if you did that in el Norte.

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