chevytruck front fender removal and armrest


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Cool chevytruck front fender removal and armrest

does any body know how hard it is to remove front fender off of a 98 silverado can i do it or should it be left to pro. also does any body know how armrest comes off of chevy truck. ty for info sledge
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I'll have to generalize as I've never done either on that vehicle. Fenders are usually pretty easy. Put that side on a jack stand and remove the tire/wheel. Remove the inner fender well liner. Start removing all the various nuts/bolts/fastners in the wheel well, under the hood, and in some cases behind the light assemblies or bumper. You may need to remove the light housings to access fasteners. Also you usually have to open the door and look in the area of the door hinges; there will probably be one or more fasteners in that area. When you get most of the fasteners out it will be pretty easy to locate any that you forgot.

Some armrests are bolted through the inner door panel into the metal of the door structure itself. These should have possibly small plastic covers hiding the screws. Some armrest may be attached to the inner door panel itself which woul necessitate remving the entire inner panel to remove it.

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