1989 Toyota Celica GTS won't start


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1989 Toyota Celica GTS won't start

1989 Toyota Celica GTS won't start. Doesn't turn over or make any noise when you turn the key. It started happening intermittently, but now it doesn't start at all. Replaced starter, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Starter was tested before installing, and it works fine. Someone said it could be the neutral start switch, but I can't even tell exactly where it is by the manual I have. Can anyone verify that this could be the problem, or suggest any other options?
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You didn't say manual or automatic, but I'm assuming automatic since a manual would not have a neutral (park) safety switch. The switch will be either in the console with the shift lever or in the transmission itself. Tried to find it on www.autozone.com with no success. If it's a manual trans you will have a clutch safety switch vice the neutral switch and it would probably be mounted near the clutch pedal similar to the brake light switch on the brake pedal.
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Its on the trans right in the front where the shift cable goes.

What about an aftermarket alarm if equipped?
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I found neutral safety switch, but I was told by someone last night that they doubted that would be the problem. Do you agree?

No aftermarket security system.
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Fortunately automobile repair is not accomplished by guessing what’s wrong or in your case probability of the NNS being bad or good.

You have to diagnose and test the circuit to determine where your problem is.

To test the NNS you would confirm power in and power out while the key is in the start position. It should be the black/white stripe in and out.

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