1999 Windstar stallin


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1999 Windstar stallin

Evening all.

Have a Ford Windstar 1999 3.8L 78K miles. Stalled at a few lights some months ago and developed a small squeal that is coming from near the water pump. Lately though the wife tells me it is making a louder squeal and then dies. When the engine light came on the other day she stopped in at the Zone to get the code read. Told her is was the cam shaft sensor. I have only been able to find one reference to the cam sensor and squealing.

Is it possible that the sensor is causing the low pitched squeal? I know that it can cause the stalling cause it can effect the timing, but will it squeal?

If the OBD code says CMP is it bad, or should it still be tested?

Any thoughts are more than welcome.

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the cam sensor synchro shaft (what used to be the distributor) can cause both the squeal and the stall. it is a common failure on these cars. the cam sensor is available from any parts store, but the problem lies in the synchro shaft, which is only available from the dealer. it requires a special tool to be installed properly. if you unplug it, it should stop stalling. the light will still be on, and your mileage will suffer, but it will be easier to drive until you get it fixed.
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I have the exact same problem that you are experiencing with your Windstar. I have a 2000 Windstar 3.8, and there is squeeling coming from around the water pump also. By chance have you checked your tranny fluid to see if it is discolored or having a burnt smell? Well anyways I had my van looked at a repair shop and that squeeling noise and the engine cutt out is possibly somelthing to do with low fluid levels/torque converter, I was also told that I need to replace the Intake gaskets. The other thing I wanted to add have you had any problems with your overdrive/discoloration in your coolant? I will do a tranny flush today and let you know if that helped the problem for the time being.

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Engine Stall

double post sorry
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Engine Stall

I know this is an older post but try this out if you haven't already fixed the problem. How many miles on the Windstar?

Try replacing the belt tensioner assembly......and also be sure to change out the old serpentine belt with a new one
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BSB, I have a '98 Windstar and went through what your are going through now.

PLEASE go and read my post and replies from 12/09/06 named "98 Windstar Codes P0340, PO171, PO174" by MAckey.

I fixed my Windstar and posted how I did it but you have to read the entire post. You will learn alot.

Your squealing is probably the Cam Postion Sensor and shaft. It is located at what use to be the distributor down near the pulleys.

If you pop off the sensor as a test the squeeling noise should go away or it could also be the bearing inside the shaft.
It will run without the sensor.
I hope it isn't the cam pos. shaft because it is a BEAR to replace.
But again everything is documented in the post and replies from 12/09/06.
BTW, that post had 634 veiws.

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