What's the conditon for ABS trigger?


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What's the conditon for ABS trigger?

98 Plymouth Breeze, 2.0L 4 cyl, 66K miles, my daughter's car.
According to her, this car started to show ABS warning light on and off. Not tied to the warning light, but around the same time (I mean both started about a month ago), ABS started to get triggered in normal braking conditions. I mean pulsating pedal or the ABS noise shortly before the car stops completely.

My service manual says ABS triggering in normal conditions is normal. But it never did until 65K miles.

Neither the warning light nor the trigerring is consistent. If it they were, I would have her take the car to a shop, but it is mostly off.

What's happening? I am not asking you to diagnose it. But I would appreciate if you would just tell me that it's a serious safety problem, needing immediate trip to the dealer, or if I can just keep my eyes open.
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If it's active that means the system is operative so either a wheel is locking up or the EBCM believes a wheel is about to lock up. Can be caused by a faulty input but I would do a thorough cleaning and inspection of the brakes first.
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Thank you. By "thorough cleaning and inspection," I suppose you mean cleaning of brake pad/shoe debris from the sensor area (rotor with cuts and pickup coil). Will do and report back to the forum. Thanks.

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