Stuck O2 Sensor


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Angry Stuck O2 Sensor

My 2000 Toyota Tundra has four O2 sensors. Recently the Check Engine light came on and a computer diagnostic check revealed the right upstream and left downstream sensors were bad.

I decided to replace all of the sensors and was able to get all out and replaced except the right upstream sensor. It breaks loose and turns perhaps 1/16 to 1/8th turn before stopping dead.

I believe it is due to carbon buildup on the O2 sensor threads that it will not turn out any further.

Does anybody have a solution for getting this sensor out without damaging the threads in the exhaust pipe? Liquid Wrench and other penatrating oils have not been able to help break it loose. I don't want to use brute force, because I can just see the threads in the pipe being stripped out which will make the exhaust pipe replacement mandatory.
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It's Toyota's Problem Now

Just found out that Toyota has an extended warranty (7 yr./90,000 mile) for 2000-2002 Tundra models that cover the front oxygen sensors.

I have an appointment set up at my dealer to fix the right front oxygen sensor that is stuck, so it's there problem on how to get it out.

Unfortunately, now I have to try to get reimbursed from Toyota for the cost of the oxygen sensor ($120 bucks) that I replaced on the left front, since they never sent me a notice for the extended warranty.

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