93 Mazda mx 6 ls shuts off while driving


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93 Mazda mx 6 ls shuts off while driving

I have a 1995 Mazda mx 6 LS (6 cyl) manual that when driving down the road just shuts off. After some time to cool etc. it starts back up as though nothing was wrong... Changed the coil and distributor cap out last november and it seemed to be fine untill last week. It did this twice since then.. Not sure what else could be the problem.. Some one suggested the change of teh "main relay" not sure what that is....

Any advice on what is causing it or what can be a fix

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Not certailn on the Mazda set up but I know on my 94 chev truck and many other ones, the ignition module is the problem.Driving at highway speeds it just shut down.Tried to restart and it tried kind of hard but started.Happened arounfd 3 times over a year and usually at around 60mph.Each time was harder to get started.See what they use in for the ign. mod.
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Had an identical problem on a '95 probe I used to own. (Probe is the same platform as the MX 6).

After troubleshooting extensively, I came to the point where the problem had to be the ECM (computer). As a last ditch effort before having to spend $$ on a new ECM, I removed it and cleaned the all of the contacts. It resolved the issue, at least for the 2 years following until I got rid of the vehicle.
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Most commonly on the '94 or earlier 2nd gen mx6 (I have a '94), but certainly happens to '95 and up,(ending in '97 of course) but those symptoms you describe sounds like the distributor..or more accurately the Ignitor in the disty. Many, including myself have had this happen.
Then, I had the disty changed out at the dealer. A pricy item. but check out mx6.com 2nd Gen forum and search there. Many have done a modification for an external ignitor system...others just get new disty...eventho its only the ignitor that is the culprit.
Good luck....

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