Check engine light + codes


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Check engine light + codes

My Mercury Cougar 1990, 3,8 auto V6 has CE light on most of the time now. When it started I saw it rarely at first, then it came on every morning. I don't see any dramatic change in the drivability, but sometimes it appears to be slightly different. Anyways, I checked for codes and that what's came up: with key on engine off 31 31 1 32 32, 31 31 1 33 33 ( I did that a few times and 32 code came up only in one sequence, rest was 31 and 33). Also I can't decode 1, but it came as a one flush in the middle of the reading. With engine on I've got 31 74 31 74.
According to Chilton's 31- PFE circuit below minimum voltage for both eng. running and off, 32- EGR valve not sealed for running eng, and 33-EGR not opening for running eng. The last two codes didn't came up on running engine, but does it still points me toward EGR valve or other components?
I checked some other interpretations for ford codes: 31-EVR-EVP signal is low-EVR, 32- same, 33- EGR did not open/respond during test, 74- brake on/off circuit open. I didn't depressed brake during the test .Was I supposed to ?
So which part is it ? is it EGR valve or some sensors?
Is aftermarket parts good for EGR or I should go to dealer?
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My experience with code reading is that it is never rock solid and it tends to give spurious codes that mean nothing. It is best to clear the codes and see which ones habitually return.

The 1 that you get is just a prompt that the thread of codes will be repeated. What you list doesn't make sense. You should be getting something like 31 32 1 31 32, not 31 31 1 32 32.
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replace dpfe sensor & hose that will correct the problem.

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