fuel pump problem causes a gas leak?


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fuel pump problem causes a gas leak?

my mom has an '87 lebaron that won't start. it's not the battery, & it's not the starter. after making a few calls to local mechanics the majority call it a dead fuel pump. i've heard these are easy to switch out, but apparently it's located inside the fuel tank on this model. she noticed a gas leak between the rear tires, in the center. the tank is still full, so i assume this isn't a tank problem. any advice would be great!

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Sounds Like A Cracked Hose, Or Lose Connecter
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Could also be the gasket where the pump and sending unit are mounted in the top of the tank causing the leak, independent of the starting problem. Is is mostly noticeable with a full tank or is there always leakage even when the level is low? As for the pump, have someone listen at the filler when you turn the key on; should hear the pump humm for several seconds.

Either way, the tank will have to come down. You will need to get most of the the gas out first. Keep in mind the gas weighs about 6 pound per gallon, so 12 gallons of gas would be 72 pounds PLUS the weight of the tank itself. Be sure to keep all sources of ignition away and work in a well-ventilated area. If you have to drop the tank anyway to fix the leak, probably a good idea to replace the pump even if it is running, although some of the pumps can be a little pricey.

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