Need Tires for my 99 Suburban:Std or Upsize?


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Need Tires for my 99 Suburban:Std or Upsize?

I just bought a 99 Suburban 4x4 and it needs new tires. The OEM size is 245/75R16, but it has 265/75R16 on it right now. I believe the rim width is 7". The rear axle ratio is 3.42. Is there any advantage to remaining with the oversize tires or should I go back to the OEM size. I've had dealers tell me I'll get better fuel economy with the larger tires (due to their larger diameter) and another tell me the vehicle was engineered for the 245's and I'll get better mileage if I go back to the original component size. The fuel economy is only 15 mpg at present so anything I can do to improve it is welcome. As I occassionally tow a heavy trailer I was looking at the Michelin X Radial LT tire, a load range E, 10 ply tire which is available in both sizes. Any knowledge or experience you can share is much appreciated.
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Bigger tires may give you extra mileage as they cover moer ground at the same engine speed,,but you have to have good power from your engine. it takes more power to turn the larger wheels. If your engine is lacking in power you should go with stock size but if you have plenty of power maybe the larger will do better.
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I would stick with the 265's. The Vortec 350 in your truck has plenty of power (265HP if I remember correctly), as I'm sure you already know. Your speedometer may be off a few MPH with the bigger tires, but that is easily resolved. Have the dealer verify that the truck is programmed for the 265's. They shouldn't charge you for this, as we do this to be curtious.
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my 2 cents

I had a 89 pickup that came with 245s just like yours I went to 265s with no problem.The only thing is yor speed will be off a few miles.Good luck those tires are quite pricey I got mine for 130 each.

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