Tire Storage


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Tire Storage

I have a Volvo 960 that I have purchased snow tires, on the rims, for this winter. I will be taking my general tires off and storing them on the rims in my garage. What is the best way to store the tires that I take off the car. Should they be hung on the garage wall, put in a storage retainer built of 2x4's ( tire off the floor) or what. Also, should they be stored standing up or lying on each other ( stacked). reason I ask is that several people have offered several different ideas on storage.
I have heard that there is a garage wall mount hangers for this but I don't know the company name. Any ideas appreciated.
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Where did you buy the tires and rims? The shop where I bought mine stores them for me and I just go in to have them swapped out as a free tire rotation.
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i have been swapping snows for summer tires for 4 years now.all are on their own rims.i store them stacked on their side,also if your tire guy puts them in bags like mine does,i remove them to allow air to circulate thru them.for me, so far so good,no rust or any other problems.hope this helps.
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does not matter

I do not think ot matters as long as you keep them dry and out of the sun.
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Why would keeping tires in plastic bags be bad? - they're not vegetables.
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tire storage

I would not stack the tires. The weight on the bottom tire is going to be three hundred percent more compared to the top tire with nothing on it. This added weight is not good as you want to keep all the tires in all the same condition. A good way of storage is to have them vertical side by side sitting on two contact points like two 2x4's

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