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98 Ford Contour, Fuel Pressure Regulator? Help!

I have a '98 Ford Contour. The car started losing power, and hesitated a lot acting like it was out of gas. My first assumption was that either it was a bad sensor or needed a tune-up. I took it to a local auto parts store to have the codes read, the first code was the Cam Shaft Positioning Sensor, the second code that came up was something about a computer malfunction misfire. I changed the cam shaft positioning sensor, it was still hesitating and jerky. The air filter looked as if it hadn't been changed in quite a while so I changed the filter, plugs & wires, and changed the oil. That helped the idle, and the loss of power, but it was still hesitating and jerking. I talked to a friend of mine who is a mechanic, he seems to think the fuel pressure regulator may be bad, but all the sites I have looked on my car had all the symptomsof a bad FPR, except for one thing, most of them mentioned thick black smoke. My car is not smoking and otherwise is in decent shape enginewise. My mechanic friend works out of his home and doesn't have the ability to run a diagnostic check. I was wondering if somebody had some suggestions of what to check or look for. I can't really afford to take it to the dealership for a diagnostics check, I am a single mother working and going to school, if I can figure out what's wrong with it I can buy the parts and have somebody work on it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Two thoughts, both long shots:

I once had problems with a MAP sensor (more precisely, the vacuum going to it) that gave me similar symptoms.

Broken vacuum line somewhere.
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Fuel Pump? Need fuel pressure reading to diag.
MAF sensor? Need baro pid reading to diag? But if the air filter was dirty there is a possibility that it could of damage the sensor. MAF (mass air flow sensor)

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