94 Olds Cutlas Supreme Idle Air Control


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94 Olds Cutlas Supreme Idle Air Control

Car ran rough on Monday. On Tuesday, started to idle at 1500 rpm. Not every time I started it though, but if I start it and it idles at 1500, it will idle at 1500 for the entire time I drive it. On Wed took it to auto parts store - code read IAC idle air control valve. Got the part and swapped it out. Disconnected battery as well to reset code (I hope). Followed the two provided reset procedures (idle for 1 minute and turn off, and drive at 40 mph). Worked OK Wed night. Thursday, still idled at 1500, got another service engine light. Same code.

Ditto for today, Friday.

So, is it a bad part or what else should I look at? Thanks
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Can you post up the actual code?
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The first printout from the auto parts store says:

"History Code 35
Idle Speed Control

I don't have the second one to know if it actually states IAC or not.

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Found the second code readout - it was the same as the first. Car still acting up. I find it hard to believe I had two bad parts from different manufacturers.

Where else can I look? In reading about others with idle problems, I've seen mention of oxygen sensors and throttle position sensors. Is it time to punt and take it in?

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