86 crx fuel pump problem


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86 crx fuel pump problem

I'm installing a new fuel pump in a 1986 crx. This pump is an inline type pump; it sits on the frame approx. 8 inches from the tank. The pump has standard fittings (hose into inlet, hose out) and standard elec. connectors (pos, neg).

Here's the problem: the new pump will not suck fuel out of the tank. The pump is working; you can hear it kick on and suck air (when key on or cranking). 12v is present at the pump; I know the pump is making suction (at least some) because i can pop the inlet hose off, kick the pump on and put my figer over the inlet, and it'll pull. However, when the pump is completely hooked up and ready to go, it will not suck the fuel out of the tank.

What could be the problem? Does it possibly have to do with the fuel pump pulsator- it's located on the top of the outlet connection (as in, pump outlet threads through banjo fitting of fuel line and pulsator screws on top of it). There is a small screw on top of the pulsator that could possibly be some sort of air purge; I'm going to try it tommorrow. Any other ideas?

I'm in desperate need of help ASAP; this car needs to run, yesterday.

Thanx for any replies!

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hose could be broke inside the tank

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