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Auto Repair Info Web Sites

Are There Any Auto Repair Places On The The Net That Are Free, That A Person Can Go To And Look Up What Ever One Is Working On And Not Have To Wait For Someone To E-mail Them On How Or Ways To Do It. You Guys Are Good About Answering All Of Our Questions But Sometimes A Person Can't Wait For An E-mail To Help Them Out.
Also, I Have Worked A Lot On Drum Brakes But Not Much On Disc Brakes, On Drum Brakes There Are Springs To Hold The Brake Shoes Away From The Drums And Compress The Wheel Cyl., On Disc Brakes What Retracts The Brake Pads To Keep Them From Rubbing On The Rotors??? Is It Just That Pressure Is Relieved From The Brake Cylinder. Thanks For All The Help. Ken
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The seal used in disc caliper is square. When the piston moves out it doesn’t slide on the seal. It tends to drag (or distort) the seal with it. When the pressure behind the piston is released the seal straightens out and pull the piston back.

This provides enough movement to release the pad.

You could try Auto Zone for some repair info.

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