No tail lights...blows fuses


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No tail lights...blows fuses

97 Toyota Camry LE 72,000.

Tailight fuse blows when headlights are turned on. All other lights, backup, head , directionals, dashboard and interior work perfectly. Original owner had alarm installed that was partially removed by the used car dealer from who my dad bought the car several years ago. I removed the remaining components of the alarm- relays etc- and reconnected the wiring, (at least I thought). Sometime (weeks? months?) after the removal of the relays, the tailight fuse began blowing. At one point, the fuse would hold for a few minutes, now it blows instantly.

I rechecked all the wiring I could see and am now at a loss. Ideas?
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Look where the wire exits the harness in the drivers side trunk that run up the deck lid.

The wires break and short out right where they exit the main harness.
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Sounds like a hot wire is hitting ground. You could Follow the wires from the tail lights to see if you can find a break in the insulation where the wires pass thru a steel panel. Start out with two new bulbs, then see what happens.

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