87 tercel wagon braking system


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87 tercel wagon braking system

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I am troubleshooting my brake system and have hit a snag. When bleeding the lines my rear wheel cylinder does not expel any fluid under pressure.

My question is, which end of the system do I start my troubldeshooting? At the master or the wheel bearing? Is there a specific order in which to check for problems? ie master - pressure regulator - wheel - brake. Or booster -pressure reg - wheel - well ,you get the picture.

I would sure appreciate help in the correct procedure on how to troubleshoot the brakes. My manual is vague at best. I can fix it if I know what to fix

Aloha and mahalo

ps its a funny looking car but 32 mpg
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It has a load-sensing valve on the rear suspension. When the suspension hangs it cuts the pressure to the rear. I think itís on the right side, just get the suspension in the normal resting position by jacking the wheel up, put it on blocks or floor jack under suspension etc.

On hard braking the rear lifts up and the valve cuts pressure so the wheels donít lock up.

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