Heat on 94 Chrysler New Yorker


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Angry Heat on 94 Chrysler New Yorker

The heat on my girlfriends Chrysler New Yorker is not working properly. The car is a 94 with a 3.5 liter engine. Once the car warms up (which takes a very long time) the heat will blow out warm for the first couple of seconds, but will quickly return to ambient temperature after. I have recently replaced the thermostat and coolant. I think the heating control module which is electronic is also malfunctioning. Over the summer, with the ac on, the control module will just turn off and the car will immediately start blowing out warm air. I can hear the blend door moving during this time. Is the heater core clogged? Is there any possible relation to the heater control to the lack of warm air blowing out. I am sure both will neeed to be replaced, but if anyone has any other ideas, I would like to know. Thank you in advance for all of your help!!

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after having a 96 intrepid, the 3.5 can be very tough to bleed properly, due to the thermostat being the highest point on the car. you need to bleed the car several times to remove all the air from the system to get good heat. Another issue i had was with the heater core blocking. does your car have the ATC head unit (electronic temp control)? if it does there is a way to retrieve the codes from the unit, or possiably the head unit itself is bad.


that thread will walk you thru retrieving the codes from the atc head unit.


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didnt read the link for an outside forum, was trying to help solve the issue, so i will copy and paste;

Here is the process for retrieving the ATC codes.
1) Start Vehicle
2) Set the temp to 75 deg.
3) Press and hold floor,mix, and defrost at the same time until display starts to flash. (this also recalibrates the mode doors)
4) If codes are present, only one code will show at a time. To toggle through codes press the bottim left button.

Description of codes:
23=A/C Blend door feedback failure
24=A/C Mode door Feedback failure
25=Ambient Sensor
26=ATC In car sensor
27=Sun Sensor Failure
31=A/C Recirculation Door stall Failure
32=ATC Blend Door Failure
33=ATC Mode Door Failure
34=Engine Temp Message not Recieved
35=Evaporator Sensor Failure
36=ATC Head Communication Failure

To clear codes: Remove negative battery cable for 15-20minutes.
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