Rusty Van top


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Rusty Van top

I have a 1997 light blue Ford Econoline Van. Some time ago the paint on the top of the Van started peeling off. It has gotten a lot worse and now the white primer on the top of the Van is exposed over about half the area. Recently, this area has started to rust.
I need to protect the top of the Van from rusting through, but I don't want to spend the money for a professional car paint job. I've seen a variety of products advertised (including something called "rust bullet") . Can anyone here recommend what I should use? I'm not real fussy about the appearance or the color match. It would be nice if the final color was blue, but if I had to I could live with the silver color of some of these products.
Joe Karnicky
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There's a paint out there called POR 15. It's really nasty stuff. It etches itself into the metal. It's probably your best option.

There were a lot of late 80' and 90's vehicles that had problems with primer. It chalked up and caused the paint to peel. The primer is defective, so wherever you leave it in place, it'll continue to peel. Stripping it is really your only option, at least that I'm aware of. New paint over it just continues to peel because the primer keeps chalking up.

POR 15 has a web site, I think you'll find it'll handle your rust problem pretty well.
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When you say that you want to "protect the van from rusting through", you do not say for how long.
Applying any "rust paint", regardless of the mfr's claims will only buy you a very short amount of time.

If you do a web search using the term "auto paint peeling" you will find a few different reasons that paint peeling has been a problem.
A major one was that there has been increasing pressure for paint manufacturers to produce paints that are less harmfull to workers when spraying.
VOC"s is the acronym for volatile organic chemicals which represent a measure of a paints hazard level. As makers reduced the VOC's in their paints, there was a marked reduction in paint quality which lead to paint peeling problems.
You will also fing other reasons.
Ford in the 90's eliminated a priming step on some of their F150's which caused these vehicles to peel.
As far as your specific model and year there doesn't seem to be any widespread info on a peeling problem so perhaps acid rain degredation or some other plain old wear problem could have caused it.

Back to fixing your problem..
You might get a year out of a rust paint solution but I doubt it.
Rust paints will sometimes work well but putting it on top of rusted primer will prevent it from bonding directly with the rust.
By applying rust paint you will not slow down the rusting, only hide it from view.
You will need to sand the finish to bare metal by removing all the primer.
Then you will have to treat any dark areas where rust once was with a treatment that contains phosphoric acid. Some makers call this stuff "rust converter.
You will then need to prime with a metal etching primer, a high build primer if you want a very smooth finish topped with a sealer primer then your paint.
Most of these different primers are available in spray cans and may be economical to use compared to an autobody paint job.

Price out an autobody solution as this may be more work than you are prepared to do.
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remove rust

You MUST remove all rust before you do anything it is like cancer and covering it is not the way to go you must sand it off or sand blast it off.

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