1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start


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1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start

I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4wd,5.7l V8, that will not start. I have changed the crankshaft sensor, checked camshaft sensor, coil, all plug and coil wires, fuel pump and fuel pressure. It turns over but won't start.



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First of all, are you getting any spark to the plugs? Pull one plug wire, and if you have an old plug, (or pull the one you removed the wire from), connect it to the plug and hold the plug to a good known ground while somebody else tries cranking the engine. If you don't see any spark it could be the module under the distributor cap is bad. Also, you didn't mention the milage on this engine. Years ago I drove for a taxi company that ran old Plymouth Fury's for cabs, usually equiped with either a 318, or 360, (5.7 litre), engine. Two words that were not in the owners vocabulary were, "Preventative maintenence", and as a result every so often they would throw a timing chain, or at least jump timing so that they wouldn't start. Once the timing chains were replaced they were good, even under those adverse maintenence conditions for another hundred thousand miles.

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